October 2016

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The Politics of Administrative Reform in Lebanon June 2016

“The Politics of Administrative Reform in Lebanon” focused on examining the process of administrative reforms and human resources management in public Lebanese institutions inside the parties and on the state level. This was done by investigating the reform strategies and agendas, initiatives and challenges of MP’s, deputies and ministers involved in administrative reforms. A desk…

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Control Agencies And Reform Attempts In Lebanon 2016

“Control Agencies and Reform Attempts in Lebanon” is a research conducted by CLS. The research looked into how administrative and human resources reforms are addressed by states agencies, namely the Central Inspection Board, Civil Service Board, General Disciplinary Council, Ministry of Finance, and the Court of Accounts. These institutions are the highest authorities responsible for personnel…

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Kahlil Gibran…People and Places

The Centre for Lebanese Studies launched Henri Zoghaib’s English version of his book: Kahlil Gibran…People and Places on September 23, 2016 in Villa Audi, Ashrafeyeh, Beirut. The book was published by the Centre for Lebanese Studies.   

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