Since 2019, Lebanon has faced severe financial, economic, and social crises that have severely impacted all sectors, particularly the education sector. The economic downturn, marked by hyperinflation and a steep devaluation of the Lebanese pound, has escalated poverty and unemployment. Many families struggle to afford basic necessities, forcing children to leave school to help support their families and increasing the number of out-of-school children.

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Through our work, we seek knowledge production and insight in partnership with other researchers and organisations.

The Centre for Lebanese Studies (CLS) is an independent academic institution established in 1984 to undertake impartial and balanced research in the Social Sciences focused on education, refugee rights, social movements, and disability advocacy. CLS is affiliated with the History Department at the University of Cambridge. 

CLS has a presence in Beirut, Cambridge, and while it undertakes research in various countries around the world, it focuses on Lebanon and the UK . 

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Story of Mayssoun, a 35-year-old Palestinian woman who lost her husband

The story of Mayssoun, a 35-year-old Palestinian woman with a visual disability, who specializes in physical education.

She lost her husband and 30 members of her family. Mayssoun wants us to share her story and her sons with the world, wishing for an end to this war.



Decolonizing Knowledge Systems: Towards a new Southern-Led approach

Despite increased emphasis on decolonizing knowledge production and localizing aid, the structural conditions that maintain the (neo/post) colonial status quo of knowledge production have not been challenged.


We write this piece as a group of education researchers working in the fields of international education and development, including with respect to conflict studies, forced migration and comparative studies, witnessing the unfolding of genocide in Palestine...