March 31, 2012

A workshop on ‘Constellation Therapy: A systemic approach to healing trans-generational Trauma’


Building on the success of the Byblos conference a 3-day Constellation workshop was held at the Bsous Silk Museum on 29th-31st March 2012, facilitated by Gaye Donaldson and Matthew Pruen.

Systemic Constellation Work is a practical and profound way of broadening the perspective of individuals and groups involved with conflict. It is best practiced in a group and learnt experientially. It draws on our innate, somatic knowledge of how our sense of belonging is supported or threatened. It highlights the impact of trauma from previous generations on the events of our own and can free us from loyalties that can be destructive or unhealthy. At the heart of it all is a desire to cultivate respect and compassion for the “other” by stepping into their shoes. We see how to become “good ancestors” ourselves.

Click here to read more about this workshop.

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