Lebanon on Hold: Implications for Middle East Peace

Rosemary Hollis and Nadim Shehadi

Publisher:The Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Centre for Lebanese Studies. London and Oxford. 1996.

Ebook ISBN:ISBN 1 86203 020 0

A Special Paper published by the Royal Institute for International Affairs in association with the Centre for Lebanese Studies.
This collection of analytical essays highlights critical issues at stake for Lebanon and the peace process as seen by 17 international specialists. It reflects concerns which will have to be addressed if the present cycle of attack and counter-attack is to be broken. The work was conceived in order to emphasize the lessons to be learned from ‘Operation Grapes of Wrath’ and to focus attention on a Lebanese perspective and the need for reassessment of Lebanon’s position in the Middle East peace process. This need became obvious during the Israeli attack of April 1996. Some of the contributors provide valuable historical background on the players; others to provoke more creative thinking about how to bring a viable peace to the region. The intention overall is to lay the ground for an essential rethink, not only for Lebanon, but also on the whole Middle East agenda for Peace.

‘This is a valuable work, for which Chatham House and the Centre for Lebanese Studies are to be congratulated. It should be studies closely by policymakers and the appropriate lessons should be drawn from it, the principle one that making war on civilians in the cause of ‘anti-terrorism’ does not open the road to peace.’
Sir Antony Parsons

Introduction: Antony Parsons
Part I: Operation Grapes of Wrath: Calculations of the mediators

  1. The Costs of War: An American Perspective, Richard W. Murphy
  2. France Makes a Comeback, Bassma Kodmani Darwish THE SYRIAN-IRANIAN DYNAMIC
  3. ‘The Address is Syria’, Patrick Seale
  4. The Syrian-Iranian Axis in Lebanon, Hussein Agha
  5. Syrian Predominance in Lebanon: Not Immutable Volker Perthes

Part II: Israel’s Security Agenda

  1. Israel in the Grip of the Insecurity Zone, Augustus Richard Norton
  2. The Limits of Coercion, Yezid Sayigh
  3. Acting Tough: Israel’s Domestic Imperatives, Marwan Bishara
  4. Weighing Israel’s Options Now, Mark Heller

Part III: Hizballah In Perspective

  1. Hizballah: From Militia to Political Party, May Cartouni-Dubarry
  2. Hizballah: Pragmatism and Popular Standing, Giles Trendle

Part IV: Lebanon Emergent

  1. Periodic Attacks Make for Perpetual Occupation Ahmad Beydoun
  2. In the Wake of ‘Grapes of Wrath’: Meeting the Challenge, Paul Salem
  3. After the Crisis: Assessing the Economic Consequences, Marwan Ghandour
  4. The Way Ahead: Restoring the Lebanese State, Fida Nasrallah

Part V: What of the Peace Process: Arab Fears

  1. Peace Under the Gun?, Abdel Moneim Said Aly
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