Politics and the Economy in Lebanon

Nadim Shehadi and Bridget Harney

Publisher:The Centre for Lebanese Studies and the Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, SOAS. Oxford and London: 1989.

Ebook ISBN:ISBN 1 870552 18 0

This book examines current issues in the politics and economy of Lebanon as seen through the eyes of nine prominent experts in contemporary Lebanese affairs.

It is the outcome of a one-day seminar on Contemporary Lebanon organised in March 1988 by the Centre for Lebanese Studies, Oxford and the Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London and does much to clarify the prevailing complexities of the Lebanese situation both at the regional and international levels.

Prospects for Lebanon’s economy, Elias Saba
Deficits, inflation and depreciation: Lebanon’s experience, 1964-1988, Nasser Saidi
The political economy of the Lebanese conflict, Salim Nasr
The Lebanese crisis: interpretations and solutions, Ghassan Salamé
The institution of the presidency in elections in Lebanon
Nawaf Salam
Lebanon: an international perspective, Philip Windsor
Israeli strategy in Lebanon, William Harris
Could salvation come from Syria?, Elizabeth Picard

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