The Lebanese in the World: A Century of Emigration

Albert Hourani and Nadim Shehadi

Publisher:The Centre for Lebanese Studies and I B Tauris & Co Ltd, Oxford and London, 1992.

Ebook ISBN:ISBN 1 85043 303 8

For more than a century, people have been emigrating from countries of the Mediterranean basin – Spain, Italy, Sicily, Greece and parts of the Near East – to the New World of America and Australasia. This emigration has formed an important part of the international movement of population which is one of the features of the modern world.

This book is concerned with one specific movement, that of emigrants from Lebanon who have established communities in North and South America, the Caribbean, Australia, and West Africa, and more recently in the Gulf and other parts of the Middle East.

The book is a collection of essays based on papers delivered at a conference on Lebanese Emigration organised by the Centre for Lebanese Studies in Oxford. The chapters are written by historians, economists, sociologists and political scientists, coming from various backgrounds and disciplines. They attempt to evaluate the impact of the emigrants from Lebanon on the host societies, the process of integration, their economic, political and cultural significance, as well as their home country and their contribution to its development.

The book also touches on the more recent emigration during the recent war in Lebanon, one of the pressing problems facing the country at present. Issues discussed include the effect of the war on the established immigrant communities.

This is perhaps the first comprehensive attempt to make a comparative study of the life of an immigrant community of common origin in different continents and cultures.

Part I: Introduction and background

Albert Hourani
The Historical Background of Lebanese Emigration: 1800-1914, Charles Issawi
Lebanese Migration in the Context of World Population Movements, Roger Owen
Emigration from a Lebanese Village: A Case of Bishmizzine, Patricia Nabti
Lebanese Population Movement 1920-1939: Towards a Study , Kohei Hashimoto
Ottoman Attitudes towards Lebanese Emigration, 1885-1910 , Engin Deniz Akarli

Part Two: The Americas

Lebanese Immigration into the United States: 1880 to the Present, Alixa Naff
The Lebanese Muslim Community in Dearborn, Michigan, Barbara C. Aswad
The Arab Community in the United States: A Comparison of Lebanese and Non-Lebanese Michael W. Suleiman
The Literature of the Mahjar, Robin Ostle
The Lebanese in Montreal, Baha Abu-Laban
Criollos and Arabic Speakers in Argentina: An Uneasy Pas de Deux, 1888-1914, Ignacio Klich
The Social and Spatial Mobility of the Syrian and Lebanese in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Clark S. Knowlton
Integration and Identity in Argentina: The Lebanese of Tucuman, Estela Valverde
Lebanese of the Antilles: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Trinidad , David Nicholls
Lebanese, Palestinians and Syrians in Colombia
Louise L’Estrange Fawcett
The Lebanese Community in Mexico: Its Meaning, Importance and the History of its Communities, Luz Maria Martinez Monteil
From Peddlars to Proprietors: Lebanese, Syrian and Jewish Immigrants in Brazil , Jeff H. Lesser

Part Three: Australia

The Lebanese in Australia, 1880-1989, Trevor Batrouney
Sectarianism and the Politics of Identity: The Lebanese in Sydney, Michael Humphrey
The Lebanese in Melbourne: Ethnicity, Inter-ethnic Activities and Attitudes to Australia, Abe Ata

Part IV: Africa

Lebanese and Syrians in Egypt, Albert Hourani
The Lebanese Community in the Ivory Coast: A Non-native Network at the Heart of Power? Didier Bigo
Migration, Mobility and Settlement of the Lebanese in West Africa, H. Laurens van der Laan
Change and Continuity in the Relationship between the Lebanese in Senegal and their Hosts Said Boumedouha
Public Reaction to the Lebanese Presence in Nigeria during the Colonial Period, Devendra M. Misra
Lebanese Emigration: Its Effect on thePolitical Economy of Sierra Leone, Neil O. Leighton

Part V: Emigration During the Civil War

Lebanese Emigration during the War (1975-1989)
Boutros Labaki
Cyprus: Haven and Stepping-Stone for Lebanese Migrants and Emigrants, Michael F. Davie
Lebanese Emigration to the Gulf and Saudi Arabia
Marwan Maaouia
Lebanese Asylum Applicants in Denmark 1985-1988: Political Refugees or War Emigrants? Brian McGuire
The Lebanese Migrant in France: Muhâjir or Muhajjar? Percy Kemp
Lebanese Business in France, Amir Abdul-Karim

Concluding Remarks

Problems in Comparative Studies of International Emigrant Communities, Rudolph Vecoli

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