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Working Toward Constructive Solutions

The Centre for Lebanese Studies at LAU receives the prestigious Lyle Spencer research grant to conduct a study into refugee education. According to some estimates, Syrian refugee children now account for more than half of the pupils enrolled in Lebanese public schools. And while Lebanon is by far the country most affected by the headwinds…

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Rapid Need Assessment of The Psychosocial Needs of Public Schools in Lebanon 2016

Commissioned by Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) , the Centre for the Lebanese Studies conducted a rapid needs assessment of the psycho-social needs of public schools in Lebanon. The assessment aimed at enhancing the understanding of GIZ of the circumstances and context in which the project team will work in their three year project “Tackling…

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The Role of Research Centers in Shaping Education Reform Policies in Lebanon Post Civil War Period

Co-funded by CLS and The Issam Fares Institute, the Centre for Lebanese Studies conducted research entitled “ The Role of Research Centres in Shaping Education Reform Policies in Lebanon Post Civil War Period”. The project aimed at investigating the role of academic and research institutions in promoting and shaping reforms in educational sectors in Lebanon,…

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A Whole School Approach to Education for Social Cohesion

The Project studied the process and impact of implementing a whole-school approach to active and skills-based citizenship education that involved a series of interventions including providing teacher professional development, reshaping school culture and providing opportunities for more inclusive and active student engagement in. This approach was developed in the light of previous research by CLS…

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An Analysis of the Equity and Equality of Education in Lebanon

The Consultation and Research Institute in collaboration with CLS conducted a human right-based and equity-focused situation analysis (SITAN) of education in Lebanon. The study was commissioned by UNICEF. The Situation Analysis SITAN follows a human rights-based approach (HRBA). According to the HBRA, educational equity were examined by looking at three complementary dimensions: The right of access…

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Reform for Citizenship Education in Lebanon

In Sept 2012, the Centre for Lebanese Studies, the Institute for Education at University of London, Lebanese Association for Educational Studies (LAES) and Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) established a consortium and won the bid to implement a citizenship education reform initiated by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE)  and funded by the…

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