October 9, 2013

Emerging Lebanon: A New Role for the Future

Lebanon emerged from a state of war which suspended the function and role fulfilled by the country in the region. With recovery well on its way one needs to examine the new parameters that govern the shaping of a new role for Lebanon.

The post war period now entering its eighth year, gives us hindsight and an idea of where the country is heading in various sectors and functions. Within Lebanon there is an active and continuous debate on the subject, enriched by several sectoral studies and visions of possible roles in which Lebanon may have a comparative advantage. The reconstruction process itself is based on certain assumptions of what this role is. The debate so far has concentrated on Lebanon’s potential role and the measures that would help achieve it. This treats the issue as either a managerial problem or a structural one, dimensions over which we have potential control. A third dimension, over which we have little control, relates to regional, international and sectoral trends and the effect they have on the creation of a new role for Lebanon. The project aims at a stocktaking meeting in which these trends are examined. The experience and opinions of business people actively engaged in the various areas and sectors and with a feel for developments on the ground will supplement academic studies and help identify trends that affect the future of Lebanon.

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