October 9, 2013

Henry Siegman

Talk entitled ‘New Prospects for Peace in the Middle East ?’. He analysed fresh aspects of the Arab Israeli conflict given the recently elected governments both in Israel and the United States. Henry Siegman is president of the US/Middle East Project, an independent policy institute which until 2006 was part of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and a research professor at the Sir Joseph Hotung Middle East Program of SOAS, University of London. He has been involved in the Middle East peace process for more than thirty years and has published extensively on the subject. He has authored hundreds of articles and editorials which have appeared in newspapers and journals in the United States and throughout the World including the New York Times, Washington Post, the International Herald Tribune, Al Ahram, Al Hayat, Le Monde, and the Financial Times. Major Studies directed by Mr. Siegman at the CFR include ‘Harnessing Trade for Development and Growth in Middle East’ (2002) ‘Strengthening Palestinian Public Institutions’ (1999), ‘US Middle East Policy and the Peace Process’. He also conducted a study for the US Department of State on the implications of ‘viability’ for Palestinian Statehood. Mr. Siegman’s areas of expertise include Arab-Israeli relations, the Middle East peace process, US Middle East policy, interreligious relations, and the American Jewish community.

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