December 3, 2013

HWH Forgiveness Training Module I

Silk Museum in Bsous

Date: 6-7-8 December Location: The Silk Museum-Bsous The primary intention of this workshop was to continue a second HWH training to existing practitioners in the field based on a direct experience of new tools and approaches in the hope that the learning gained will be shared as widely as possible. The three-day workshop was designed to offer a series of learning experiences on the themes of self, the other and connection. It was an opportunity to learn change processes by having a direct, personal experience. As part of the training, participants received written step by step guidelines on how to apply the various tools taught. The material taught was tools-based. Tools that took their users through an effective change process: from awareness to expression to forgiveness and finally to new behaviour. The training was led by Matthew Pruen and Alexandra Asseily. For more information please access the detailed overview of the workshop.    

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