October 9, 2013

Parliamentary Elections in Lebanon

A two-day conference organised by the Centre for Lebanese Studies in co-operation with the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs and the International Peace Academy. The discussions were aimed at assessing the impact of Lebanon’s first parliamentary elections in twenty years and discuss the issue of international monitoring. The conference addressed the geo-political and diplomatic settings; the issues; and conceptual frameworks for elections in Lebanon. Participants at the conference included academics, policy-makers, members of parliament representatives from the Carter Centre, and former peace-keepers with UNTSO and UNIFIL.

Present at the conference were Mr Khatchiq Babikian, Mr Richard Brow, Dr Rafic Chahine, Dr Marianne Heiberg, Prof Michael Hudson, Mr Mohammad Kabbani, Dr Nawaf Kabbara, Mr Nassib Lahoud, Prof Remy Levau, Mr Richard Morgan, Dr Issam Naaman, Mr Richard Murphy, Prof Richard Norton, Ambassador Olara Otunnu, Dr Paul Salem, Prof Ghassan Salame, Dr Raghid el-Solh, Mr Jubran Toak, and General Martin Vadset.

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