October 9, 2013

Peace Building and Development in Lebanon

A conference organised by the Centre for Lebanese Studies in collaboration with the International Peace Research Association, UNESCO, the International Peace Research Institute (PRIO), the Permanent Delegation of Lebanon to UNESCO, and the Movement Break the Silence. The aim was to bring together Lebanese and international NGOs in order to promote and develop co-ordination between them. The objective was for Lebanese NGOs to co-ordinate their activities to promote peace and development in Lebanon. The conference had three workshops on peace-building, education in the service of peace and human rights; and constraints and challenges for future strategies in socio-economic development. The workshops dealt with issues such as conflict resolution; non-violent means to build civil peace; and the dynamics of war and peace in a multi-confessional society. In addition to a number of Lebanese associations, some of the participants present included Mr Robert Aspeslagh, Mr Antoine Bechara, Prof Ahmad Beydoun, Mr Raphael Doueb, Mgr Gregoire Haddad, Dr Adel Ismail, Mr James Jonah, Dr Mona Macksoud, Mr Federico Mayor, Mr John Murray, Ms Sanaa Osseiran, Dr Kumar Rupesinghe, Mr Nadim Shehadi, Dr Raghid el-Solh, Prof Hakan Weiberg, and Mr Layachi Yaker.

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