Decolonizing Knowledge Systems: Towards a new Southern-Led approach


Despite increased emphasis on decolonizing knowledge production and localizing aid, the structural conditions that maintain the (neo/post) colonial status quo of knowledge production have not been challenged. As a result, evidence-based policy solutions tend to be devoid of contextual realities and usually replicate exclusions and marginalization impacting especially the most vulnerable including women, youth, LGBTQ, disabled and others.

This initiative seeks to deconstruct the concepts of decolonization/localization of knowledge production and understand the dynamics of how these concepts have been applied by multiple actors in the last decade, including institutions of higher learning, research for development organizations, researchers, and funders.

The project will also focus on how knowledge production processes are colonized based on power dynamics within the Global South. To this end, the aim of the project is to provide a new strategic vision and practical approach to decolonization of knowledge from a Global South perspective. It will be led by Global South researchers and experts who will examine the sociology and political economy of knowledge production in two regions, East Africa, and SWANA. The project seeks to strengthen global debates, make practical recommendations, and propose feminist approaches to implement measures for decolonizing knowledge production processes, as well as identify and propose a transformative research agenda.

The Centre for Lebanese Studies leads the SWANA component of the work and conducts two sub projects: One on Funding of forced migration research in the SWANA and one on Decolonizing the archive.

About the Partners


  • Dignity Initiative at the Muwatin Institute for Democracy and Human Rights at Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestinian Territories – Lead: Dr. Mudar Kassis
  • Center for Lebanese Studies at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon – Lead: Maha Shuayb and Cathrine Brun
  • Sociology, Anthropology and Media Studies at the America University of Beirut, Lebanon – Lead: Dr. Rima Majed

Eastern and Southern Africa

  • Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Leads: Truphena Mukuna and Mr. Alemu Tesfaye;
  • Political Science Department at University of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania: Leads: Professor Bernadeta Killian, Dr. Richard Sambaiga; Dr. William John Walwa;


Young refugees: access and learning inequalities in England’s education system

Inclusive Design and Accessibility Paradigms in Lebanon: University Built Environments Case Studies

سياسة الإعلام الدامج

Subtracting Development through the Production of Il/legality of Young Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon

Educação básica no contexto das migrações

Funds of knowledge: Towards an asset-based approach to refugee education and family engagement in England



Research funding across the North-South divide: towards equity in knowledge production

The genocide on Palestine and conditional solidarities in higher education in UK and Lebanon 

Political Reflexivity and the Ethics of Research in the Social Sciences

Symposium: Academic freedom and ethical scholarship in times of precarity and genocide

Against the silence of universities and academic associations in education during times of genocide

المجتمع المدني و تغيير سياسه التعليم في لبنان، فلسطين، والاردن.

القيادة التعليمية في لبنان في ظل الازمات

Towards Inclusive Media Production- 2024

Teach-in ( part of the Stand with Gaza Day of Action )

Theoretical and conceptual framework of a research: Women in Edtech, between empowerment and entrepreneurship

دور المجتمع المدني في حالات الطوارئ: لبنان، وفلسطين المحتلة

The role of civil society in emergencies: Lebanon, and Occupied Palestine

Call for applications: three-day residential summer school in Cambridge

The role of academic scholarship in conflict: a seminar series on academic freedom and research ethics

المجتمع المدني وتغيير سياسة التعليم في لبنان، الأردن، وفلسطين المحتلة

Civil society and education policy change in Lebanon, Jordan and Occupied Palestine

Transforming Education in Challenging Environments

Navigating from education to employment in crisis and uncertainty (POSTPONED)

Blended Learning Summer School for Teachers Working with Vulnerable Children

Work in Progress: Exceptional and futureless humanitarian education in Lebanon

Perspectives on humanitarian and refugee education

Lebanon Uprising – The Road to Reform?

Disability Under Siege

Regional Forced Migration Training in Kenya

The Lebanese Uprising – A Discussion

A roundtable Remedy for a broken system: Enabling Local Institutions for Impact

Youth marginalization, education and labour market trajectories in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

From Education To Employment

Healing the Wounds of History Module 1: 2019

Film Screening About a War

History Education and the Use of Archives

Let’s Develop Together the Historical Thinking in our Classroom

Let’s Develop Together the Historical Thinking in our Classroom

Let’s Develop the Historical Thinking in our Classroom

ICT, E-Learning and Digital Citizenship Workshop

ICT, E-Learning and Digital Citizenship Workshop

ICT, E-Learning and Digital Citizenship Workshop

Healing the Wounds of History: Module 3

A Day In My Life

Healing the Wounds of History Module 2-2018

Together around Our Lady at the Garden of Forgiveness

A Consultation Workshop on Community Researcher Courses through Technology (MOOCS and Blended Learning)

A Consultation Workshop on Teaching Professional Development Courses through Technology (MOOCS and Blended Learning)

Using Archives in Teaching the History of the Lebanese Diaspora

Healing the Wounds of History Module 1: 2018

Inclusive Design Campaign Launch

The Power of Language, Small Shifts in Language, Big Shifts in Behavior

Launch of RELIEF Centre

HWH Training Workshop Module 3: 2017

Promoting Inclusive Society Through Empowering Youth

Promoting Inclusive Society Through Empowering Youth

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Healing the Wounds of History: Module II Year 4

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Citizenship and social change in Lebanon and the Arab world


Healing the Wounds of History Training: Module II

Centre for Lebanese Studies lecture on the Exploitation of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon – 23rd May 2016

Education for a Hopeful Future – Syrian Refugee Children in Lebanon

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HWH Constellations Training and Workshop with Gaye Donaldson on Nov. 22nd and Nov. 23rd

Teacher Education in Lebanon and South Africa: Current approaches and challenges

The Middle East Debate: The Lebanese Roulette

Arab Shī‛a and Shī‛īsm vs. Wilāyat al-Faqīh

Centre for Lebanese Studies Dinner Talk




The Strife for the History Curriculum: The Case of Lebanon and England

Youth Marginalization and Radicalization Amid the Syrian Crisis

Reflections on UK Policy in the Middle East

HWH Forgiveness Training Module III

Developing History Teachers’ Capacity to Foster Historical Thinking

The Lebanese Association for History

Challenges in the Arab World: Time to bring education back to centre stage

St John’s College

مقهى السوسيولوجيا الشهري: النقابات في لبنان، حراك وطني واجتماعي؟

The “Refugee Brand” and Humanitarian Education: a critique of the discourse of education of refugee children

Disability Assessment and Determination in Lebanon

Teaching online: be ready now!

ندوة حول التعليم في زمن كوفيد-19 في الأردن: خارطة طريق للاستجابة على المدى القصير والمتوسط والطويل

Revolution or Stagnation?

Life in Times of Crisis

Lebanon in Turmoil: Potential Roadmaps, Maritime Talks, and IMF Solutions

Education in Emergency 20 Years On: A Critical Reflection

Online Book Talk: Palestinian Refugees in International Law, with Francesca Albanese and Lex Takkenberg

Rethinking the Curriculum in Lebanon and the Arab World:
Reconciliating Ideologies and Pedagogies Conference

إعادة التفكير في المناهج في لبنان والعالم العربي: التوفيق بين الأيديولوجيا والبيداغوجيا

What would an inclusive Beirut look like?
A multi-disciplinary approach to inclusive reconstruction in Lebanon 

Stories Unfold: Narratives Of Youth From Education To Employment

World Refugee Day

Integrity in Education Event

Integrity in Education Event 2

From Education to Employment: Youth Trajectories in Jordan and Lebanon in the Context of Protracted Displacement 

Stories from young people in times of crisis: a collaboration between research and art


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