Monitoring the Impact of Lebanon’s Crisis on the Education Sector


This project monitors the impact of Lebanon’s financial and social crisis on the education sector. The project has been ongoing since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, providing valuable insights into the evolving challenges faced by Lebanon’s students, parents, and teachers. Annually, we conduct online surveys involving students, parents, and teachers to identify the key challenges they encounter at the beginning of every academic year. Our diverse sample encompasses both public and private schools distributed across all eight governorates. Our study thoroughly investigates the financial hardships borne by teachers due to their salary’s devaluation, as well as the struggles parents undergo to cover their children’s schooling expenses. We closely monitor trends related to tuition fee increases, the migration of students between the public and private sectors, school dropout, and the accumulation of learning losses and its impact on children’s schooling outcomes. Additionally, we annually assess the crisis’s impact on access to education while consistently measuring the gap in quality between private and public schools. This project provides a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted challenges facing Lebanon’s education sector during the ongoing crisis, offering evidence-based insights for policy considerations and reform initiatives.


Children in Lebanon are at risk of losing another academic year





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