Our work on education centres on its role in society and its purpose for individuals and communities. We work on its sociology, geography, and political economy; its practice and organisation, including the experience of teaching and learning, curriculum development, policy change, in addition to the history of education and knowledge production in the field.

In our research we focus on equity and equality in education and the implications of inequalities on groups from disadvantaged backgrounds such as refugees and persons with disabilities. As a strategic area and main pillar of CLS’ research and action, education is closely connected with our other strategic areas such as disability, migration & displacement, in addition to social movements, particularly in relation to teachers’ mobilisation.

We are advancing the education research agenda and working on several research projects with innovative themes and methodologies. Our principle is collaborative research to cultivate knowledge with teachers, pupils, their families, and societies invested in education. Our work is situated in local, national, and international contexts. We currently work in Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Turkey, and Australia.