May 20, 2011

Socio-political Change in Lebanon after 2005


Social and Political Change in the Aftermath of the 2005 Hariri Assassination: Implications for Everyday Life in Lebanon
May 20, 2011

Introductions and Welcome Remarks: George Asseily, Centre for Lebanese Studies; Luc Borot, Maison Francaise d’Oxford Lebanese Political Parties and the Politics of Sectarianism

Bernard Rougier Syria and Sunni Lebanon After 2005: Stakes and Levers

Aurelie Daher Hezbollah as a Political Actor since Rafic Hariri’s Assassination

Joseph Bahout Istiqlâl after ihbât? Christian New-Old Dilemmas

Lebanon’s Public Life and Institutions: Reflections on Politics in Society

Sami Hermez Living Everyday in Anticipation of Violence in Lebanon

Heiko Wimmen Civic Activism and Non-Sectarian Citizenship:Lebanon 1996-2011

Muzna Al-Masri Hariri and the Patronage of Nejmeh Football Club: Changing the Players or the Game?

Michelle Obeid Discussant

Keynote Speaker
Theodor Hanf, University of Freiburg & American Uni. Of Beirut
“How Resilient is Lebanese Communalism?”

Centre for Lebanese Studies; Middle East Centre; Maison Francaise d’Oxford, Oxford-
Sciences PO Research Group
For more information contact Sami Hermez at [email protected] or Aurelie Daher at
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