Cyrine Saab


Cyrine Saab is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Education at University College London with interests in forced migration and learning in everyday life. She is also a module tutor on Urban Sociology at UCL and is currently a British Academy Fellow at the Centre for Lebanese Studies and the University of Cambridge. Prior to her doctoral study, she worked for three years as a research assistant on large-scale projects that look at educational experiences for refugees in Lebanon.

In her research, Cyrine draws on a practice-based approach combined with an urban lens to study the street practices taken up by refugee children, such as selling small goods or collecting recyclable materials on Beirut streets to forge their livelihoods – a growing phenomenon following the Syrian refugee crisis in 2011 and Lebanon’s more recent compounding crises. Through an ethnographic-inspired methodology, she explores how these children legitimize the available social and material resources in their everyday lives to develop a sense of familiarity on the street and also culturally learn how to evolve their work and grow their income.