Dr. Walid el Houri

Walid el Houri is a researcher, journalist, and media specialist based in Berlin. He holds a PhD in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam and is a former postdoctoral fellow at the Forum Transregionale Studien (EUME) and the Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin.

He has taught Middle East studies, media studies and political communication at Bard College Berlin, the American University of Beirut and the University of Balamand.

He has worked in journalism since 2008 as writer, editor, managing editor and project manager.

He was Lead Editor of openDemocracy‘s North Africa, West Asia (NAWA) section and Academic Partnerships Editor. His media work has focused on human rights, freedom of expression, migration, social movements, and far right politics among others topics.

His academic work and publications deal with dissent, most notably in the Middle East and North Africa, the politics of failure, crisis, and the geographies of war and violence. He is currently an associated EUME Fellow. 


Academic Publications 

El Houri, W. ‘ Whose knowledge is it anyway? Seizing the modes of knowledge production’, Knowledge Production In, On, and From West Asia and North Africa (Forthcoming)

El Houri, W. ‘What the US Election Means for the Middle-East and North Africa’, Policy and Practice: A Development Education Review, Vol. 32, Spring, pp. 139-146. 2021

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El Houri W., Saber D. “Prier pour la Révolution: le Rôle Politique de la Prière dans le Récit de la Révolution de Janvier 2011 en Égypte” In Lambert Frédéric (dir.), Prières et Propagandes. Études sur la prière dans les arènes publiques. Paris, Éditions Hermann, coll. “Cultures numériques”, 2013

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