October 9, 2013

The Palestinians in Lebanon

An international conference was organised jointly with the Refugee Studies Programme, University of Oxford. Building on the research commissioned in an earlier phase of the project, the conference sought to discuss the future of the Palestinians in Lebanon. Participants included Palestinian and Lebanese experts; representatives from the European Commission; various local and international non-governmental organisations and aid agencies including UNICEF, NOVIB, the Welfare Association; representatives of the General Directorate of the Affairs of Palestinian Refugees; and representatives of the foreign ministries of the United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, and Canada and officials from the Lebanese Embassy in London. The Conference discussed the legal status and socio-economic conditions of the Palestinians in Lebanon; the politics of assistance and the role of NGOs; the Lebanese position and Lebanese perceptions of the Palestinians in Lebanon; the roles of UNRWA and the United Nations; the positions of Israel and the PLO regarding the Palestinians in Lebanon; future scenarios for the Palestinians in Lebanon; the Refugee Working Group in the multilateral negotiations; and the economy of the West Bank and its capacity for absorbing refugees.

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