"When I Decided To Return To Study The Tawjihi, I Was Surprised That My Family Supported Me."

In 2017, I faced a difficult phase because I failed the Tawjihi in the second semester. I felt I was a failure. I felt frustrated at the time. I stayed home and did not complete my studies. The situation changed in 2019 when I signed up for the course. It was my first experience mingling and interacting with people. I was terrified of everything. At the beginning of 2020, I decided to enroll at university, so I registered for the Tawjihi exam in July 2020. I decided to take the Tawjihi exams even if I did not pass, but I decided to try.

The color here is dark because it reflects my psychological state when I am sad. I love the light blue because it comforts me and gives me hope. The green relieves my stress. When I decided to return to study the Tawjihi, I was surprised that my family supported me. My mom is the one who encouraged me the most, and my father was happy and brought me all the books I needed.

Without my mother’s support and encouragement to go out of the house and participate in the courses, I would still be at home now.