"The Dark Or Negative Phase Of My Life Is When The War Displaced Us In 2011-2012"

My drawing is a representation of the heartbeats because they are an expression of life in general. My life was like this. The high pulse represents the positive side, and the low pulse the negative side.

So the dark or negative phase of my life is when the war displaced us in 2011-2012. The displacement negatively impacted my life, education, and ambition because I could not reach what I aspired to. Also, handling responsibility at an early age affected me a lot. But due to family and financial problems, I was greatly affected, so I was keen on completing my education to reach at least part, not all my ambition.

After this stage, I became more mature and started thinking about traveling because I was convinced that traveling abroad would completely change my life, but this thing did not happen.

The next stage is the stage of self-realization, and this is what we see in the drawing, where the two pulses move in one direction. The pulse here is high because it indicates receiving my diploma and the interior design courses I took. The low pulses expressed my destitute social relationship.

Then came the stage of work. My life was only about work. The negative part at work was social relations, fun, ambition, and education. The positive part was the improvement in my financial status.

The rapid pulse here expresses hope for a better future. I hope and believe that good opportunities are coming. My ambition is to achieve my dreams with a partner.