The first thing I thought about when I started painting was the colors. I wanted to express my life in colors and chose colors to express happy and sad moments.

I was always sure that there is hope after any crises or obstacle.I drew the sunrise and dusk representing my hope for a better future. I strongly believe that there is always hope and that light comes after darkness. The colors here are dark, ranging from red to violet and then green, blue, yellow until it reaches white. These colors express the stages of my life. The first stage of my life was dark. I was immature and young and did not have anyone to support me.
On the right, I drew my support system; I drew the bad things on the left. My drawing is based on “rose and the thorn,” where you have to choose a flower and talk about the thorns you are suffering from as well.

For example, my mother was on one side with my father facing her, or the art on one side and the traditional educational system on the other side.

In the beginning, the dark phase crosses my childhood as there was a divorce and violence. My mom was the only one who helped me get through it all. She is my superhero. I did not experience any paternal support but was fortunate enough to have my mom and family around. My adolescence was characterized by discovering myself and my inability to experience freedom. I found my female identity, and I have sketched it on the bright side.
Being a female gives me strength and faith on the other side of society that does not believe in women’s abilities.

After that, I moved to the stage of wanting to fulfill my dreams and work for the community’s benefit. This stage is between orange and green, and it happened when I started working. It wasn’t easy for a girl to go out there, but it was a period of growth for me.

The next stage is self-awareness and the cumulative result of everything in my life. It is about accepting what you are and loving what you do. I stopped seeking to please others, and I no longer pay attention to neighbors or my family’s opinion.
As a result, I believe that a person is not the result of the circumstances he was born into or what people expect. We are the product of our thoughts, actions, and decisions.

The last stage expresses inner peace, openness, and satisfaction. So I used blue, sun, and birds for a feeling of peace. The green leaves give me a sense of freshness and that I am on my way to overcome everything.