Maha Shuayb is the Director of the Centre for Lebanese Studies at the Lebanese American University. Dr. Shuayb has a PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge. She was a visiting scholar at various universities including University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and the American University of Beirut. Maha’s research focuses on the sociology and politics of education. Her research area include refugee education, education and social cohesion, citizenship education, and history education.

Her publications include:

2015-“Human Rights and Peace Education in the Lebanese Civics textbooks: a comparative lens, Research in Comparative and International Education March, 10, (1).

2014- “Widening Access to Quality Education for Syrian Refugees: The role of private and NGO Sectors in Lebanon”,

2014- “The Art of Inclusive Exclusions Educating Palestinian refugee students in Lebanon”, Refugee Survey Quarterly.

2012- “Rethinking Education for Social Cohesion: International case studies” Palgrave Macmillan.

Contact detail: [email protected]com