October 9, 2013

An Analysis of the Equity and Equality of Education in Lebanon

Syrian refugee children attend a class in Chekka, northern Lebanon

The Consultation and Research Institute in collaboration with CLS conducted a human right-based and equity-focused situation analysis (SITAN) of education in Lebanon. The study was commissioned by UNICEF.

The Situation Analysis SITAN follows a human rights-based approach (HRBA). According to the HBRA, educational equity were examined by looking at three complementary dimensions:

  1. The right of access to education
  2. The right to quality education
  3. The right to respect in the learning environment

The main objectives of the study were to:

  •  Assess and analyse the realisation of children’s and adolescents’ right to education using quantitative and qualitative data from national statistics and previous studies
  • Promote the understanding of decision-makers and stakeholders of the current situation of education and causes of inequities
  • Create a reference document on education to contribute to national research and the developing of national plans and the formulation of legislations


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