The Centre for Lebanese Studies and the Lebanese American University are pleased to announce the names of the 2023-2024 CLS scholarships recipients.

The CLS scholarships scheme is designed to assist students by means of scholarships for university studies (Bachelor Final Year & Master’s degree) at the Lebanese American University in Lebanon.

We see the scholarship scheme as a natural part of our mission to generate research knowledge that benefits Lebanon and its people. Our aim is to provide policymakers with the best possible foundations for decision-making, and to inspire new thinking and new solutions. In doing this we recognise the need to support and nurture Lebanon’s own research talent.

This year, CLS has granted two scholarships to highly talented young women at the Lebanese American University to pursue the final year of their undergraduate degree or their Master’s degree.

Know more about the CLS scholarships recipients, backgrounds, and future plans in their bios below.

Mariam Zeineddine

An elite alumna of the Lebanese American University (LAU), Mariam Zeineddine graduated with high distinction from the School of Business, where she was awarded a full scholarship from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and received several accolades and recognitions. She was ranked as the Top 1 Student, earning both the President’s Award and the Stellar Student Award in recognition of a flawless 4.00 GPA. Her tenure at LAU was marked not only by academic excellence but also by high caliber leadership qualities and a deep commitment to community volunteerism. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management at LAU, supported by the CLS scholarship. As an emerging HR specialist, Mariam is dedicated to advocating for individuals with disabilities, firmly believing that the most important accomplishment she’ll ever do is to stand up and make a difference for those who need voices to speak for them.

Asmaa Jomha

Asmaa Jomha is a senior Multimedia Journalism student at the Lebanese American University. After witnessing the 2016 historic coup d’etat in Istanbul, she documented the event and discovered her passion for Journalism. In 2022, she participated as a student judge for the Samir Kassir Awards and interned at Annahar and Beirut Today. 

Drawn by the emergence of alternative journalism during the October 17 uprisings in Lebanon and its success in creating a paradigm shift in the narrative, she made her long-term goal to establish a non-profit media outlet dedicated to uncovering the truth, exposing inequality, and shedding light on social and political injustices aiming to affect public policy in our country.