May 16, 2012

Borders, Boundaries and Identity Building in Lebanon

Workshop Program 18-­19th May 2012

Centre for Lebanese Studies – MEC/ St Antony’s College – Oxford University

This workshop focuses on Lebanon’s contemporary borders/boundaries and their relationship with identity questions. It aims at studying three dimensions that ‘border studies’ used to separate for research purposes. First, the physical aspects of territorial delimitations and their implications in terms of security. Second, the socio-economic aspects of the circulation of actors, be they workers or refugees. Third, the building of groups and the fluctuations of their contours as a mean to understand theirhistorical trajectories and systems of representations. These intertwined approaches can produce theoretical inputs and a larger interdisciplinary understanding of such topic in Lebanon.

To find out more about this Conference please visit the conference detail page here, and click here for the full programme.

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