December 18, 2017

Healing the Wounds of History Module 1: 2018

March 2018

“Healing the Wounds of History” program conducted its first workshop for 2018  entitled “HWH Module 1: 2018”. Besides the regular module one which took place on the 16th , 17th, 18th of March in the silk Museum Bsous, HWH have trained a group of school counselors and health counselors from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) on the 19th, 20th , 21st March 2018. 

This was an exciting new step for HWH and helped realizing the difficult reality of those who are dealing on the front line of education for both with Lebanese and Syrian students. It was a great opportunity to use the HWH training to address some of the challenges to support and transform some repeating cycles of violence between those who teach and those who learn! 

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