May 18, 2016

Healing the Wounds of History Training: Module II


The HWH program has been developed to help to heal the deeper roots of violence.

The HWH training is concerned with unearthing these deeply rooted identities so that we can begin to reframe/rethink the “self”, humanize the other and improve relationships. To develop capacities at the individual level, helps collective action and peace-building efforts at the group level. This important work then actively supports political, social, economic, and civil endeavours.

The intention is to offer training to teachers, trainers and NGO workers. It is an opportunity to learn change processes by having a direct, personal experience. Beyond this it is hoped that the tools taught will be disseminated as widely as possible in the spirit of healing, reconciliation and forgiveness.
The material taught will be experiential and replicable. We shall share and teach tools from a wide range of wisdom traditions: including the world of personal development, the human potential movement and other sources. These tools help to take their users through an effective change process: from awareness to expression to forgiveness and finally to new behaviour.

The HWH training workshop will by given by Mathew Pruen and Alexandra Asseily.

It is hoped that those who attend and learn from this training will also be those who take it further into the World and will be able to train and inspire others.

A contribution of $300, Concessions will be considered.
We look forward being together on this journey.

Centre for Lebanese Studies

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