December 11, 2015

How to Develop Historical Thinking: National Expansion Program, June 2015-September 2016


The Centre for Lebanese Studies in collaboration with the Lebanese Association for History organized a training program entitled “How to Develop Historical Thinking”. The program represented a second phase of “Developing History Teachers Capacity to Foster Historical Thinking”, a project implemented in 2014 – 2015.  The program was funded by the Embassy of the kingdom of the Netherlands. The program started in June 2015 and ends in September 2016.

This training program aimed at:

  1. Shifting history education from didactic approaches of memorizing a single narrative to disciplinary approaches to historical thinking
  2. Generating interest in disciplinary approaches.
  3. Encouraging teachers to explore classroom management techniques that help build democratic classrooms where students engage in constructive and critical dialogues.

The workshops focused on three concepts: causation, Change and continuity and historical evidence. They were facilitated by members of Lebanese Association for History: Maha Shuayb, Nayla Hamadeh, Bassel Akar, Jihan Francis, Amira Hariri and Khaled Al Masri.

The workshops covered three regions in Lebanon: Baakleen in Mount Lebanon, Kfar Jouz in the south and Tripoli in the north.

115 teachers participated in the workshops

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