October 9, 2013

Nassif Hitti

Talk entitled ‘Which Foreign Policy for Lebanon?. The interplay between the domestic and external environments affecting Lebanon’s foreign policy and the major changes in both environments which raise new challenges to foreign policy making’. Drawing on past experience and in light of a pro-active and successful foreign policy as a main source of national security, Dr. Hitti argued for a new foreign policy of positive neutrality and discussed the conditions for developing such policy, its goal formulation and priorities in both its regional and international environments. H.E. Dr. Nassif Hitti, Ambassador, Director of the Arab League Mission in Paris and permanent observer at the UNESCO. Born in Tripoli, Dr. Hitti undertook his BA and MA in political sciences at the American University of Beirut and his doctorate in International Relations at the University of South California. He is the author of ‘The Theory of International Relations’ and ‘The Arab World and the Five Superpowers: futuristic Study’. He publishes a weekly chronicle on international affairs in Al-Bayane(Dubai).

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