Curriculum Reform in the Arab World


The Centre for Lebanese Studies has dedicated human and financial resources to create spaces where critical and interdisciplinary discussions around curriculum reform can take place in which scholars, researchers, practitioners and the wider society can create knowledge, draw strategies, initiatives and advocacy campaigns to influence collaborative, inclusive, contextual, relevant and sustainable curriculum reform.

The curriculum reform project is divided into a number of phases including participatory research where educators are involved in conducting assessment in eight governorates in Lebanon to assess the current national curricula and envision a new curriculum that is more relevant to the changing context. Following this first phases two conferences took place on a regional level to show cases related to curriculum reform in the region and finally a four week MOOC was created to open the space for educators and education practitioners to discuss issues related to curriculum reform globally.

This project is part of CLS’s continued efforts to promote a dialogue on education, curriculum reform and social justice.






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