The Challenges and Prospects for Returning to School: Reflections from Parents, Teachers, and Principals in Lebanon


This report examines school, teacher, parent, and student readiness and challenges for the new school academic year (2021-2022). It aims to probe the challenges and prospects of returning to in-person and online schooling and the possible solutions for a successful return.

This study targeted potential respondents in all governorates of Lebanon including 2,442 parents and 819 teachers, for a total of 3,261 participants who completed the survey. The study addresses parents and teachers from both public and private schools. Additionally, phone interviews were conducted with eight principals from public and private schools distributed across all eight governorates.

The findings cover four main themes: the impact of Lebanon’s crisis on teachers and parents’ socioeconomic status; school readiness and preparedness; the challenges of returning to in-person and online schooling; and finally, potential solutions from parents, teachers, and principals’ perspectives.