Mirna Abi Aad Abi Nassif

Based on a solid engagement path in team development; Mirna has a proven expertise in processes design, implementation and auditing; in environments complying with quality standards such as ISO 9001 and cGMP. Mirna offers consultancy in programs design and facilitation, content development and monitoring & evaluation.

Her areas of intervention include Mental Health and Wellbeing; Inclusion of team with disabilities and organizations and youth development; Life Skills development in educational and public institutions.

In terms of disability inclusion, Mirna has actively participated in a variety of projects such as content development of a MOOC on PwDs inclusion in the workplace, addressed to HR professionals; the co-design of a Webinar conference on “The Right for Home and Family for PwDs in Jordan”, based on article 23 of the CRPD; and organizational consultancy for organizations advocating for disability inclusion.

Key Publications:

  • 2021 – Co-design and co-development of a “Self-care, Resilience and Peer-Support toolkit” gathering twenty-seven tools addressed to young community facilitators.
  • 2021 – Contribution to the design and development of the content of a “Regional Guide on Disability Inclusion in Public Services”.