"I Learned Everything Related To Accounting From YouTube And Got The Job."

Since I was little, I loved reading. I started reading books about human development, primarily by Karim El Shazly, including his book A Woman of a Special Style, which greatly influenced me.

At that time, I became acquainted with the meaning of the word ambition, distinguishing between right and wrong. Since I was little, I knew what I wanted to be. I had strength to face many things, including our outdated customs and traditions. I loved being a strong woman, and I chose this path.

In my final year of university, I started searching for activities to enhance my job market skills. This training venue was 45 minutes away. I participated in many activities and volunteered for various groups because my goal was to improve my skills, and I distinguished myself.

Doaa Al-Abdullah is one of the people who influenced me most, supported, and guided me. As a female, I naturally hope to start a family and be a mother.

She used to criticize me when I spoke in English, but I was a very positive person able to accommodate her and other people in my life. I got married and moved with my husband to another area, and I wanted to work. One day, the association contacted me they needed an accountant, although my specialization is counseling and mental health. I learned everything related to accounting from YouTube and got the job.

One day, someone told me about this 20-day course about empowering kids, I decided to go. Despite five years of training, I still rely on many people for support.

As a counselor, I feel like a lot of people need me. I care for a lot of people but find no one to listen to me.