Ali, Male 22


"Thank God For Everything."

My hobby was carpentry. I worked tirelessly to the point where I lost a finger. As a result, I went through a tough period and started hating carpentry.

Two years later, I opened a shop, but before that, I worked on other things. I ran away from school to collect scrap, sell it and save up to start my business. I told my father I wanted to store the junk I was collecting in our warehouse. In the beginning, I started collecting scrap and then selling it, and later I told him I was ready to open my own scrap shop just like the junkyard owner I was selling my junk to.

My father supported me by giving me a rent-free shop. When the store opened, I was working and studying at the same time. I used to break my hand or makeup arguments to skip school. I was helping my father and giving him all the profits from the shop. Then, I decided to learn something since I was the only one among my brothers without any education or profession, and my father suggested I become a pastry chef. I finally decided to keep my store and opened it last year after many problems. My father disapproves of my scrap shop; he feels it is unsuitable for my future and marriage prospects. I have closed down my scrap shop because I couldn’t handle the pressure. I am now working in aluminum. Thank god for everything.