"Purple Represents My Mother And Family, Specifically My Mother, Because She Has Had The Most Significant Impact On Me."

The drawing is a river with three mountains representing the three things that affected me. On top of every mountain, there is a big rock representing factors that affected me. I used a different color for each rock. Purple represents my mother and family, specifically my mother, because she has had the most significant impact on me. Red represents my leadership program experience at Kings Academy. Blue represents training and activities during and after university. I also drew stones between the mountain; they are related to each other and express my increasing life experiences. The values ​​that my mother raised me with are still with me.

I painted the river in more than one color and gave it a straight-line direction because my life goes on in a linear way and I have not faced any significant crises. My personality is stable, I love learning and trying new things; therefore I combined several colors in the river.