"During 2013, I Had A Persistent Feeling To Return To My Country And Finish My High School Studies And Go To University."

I began from birth till age 13, a normal traditional period spent between family and school. In 2011 when the war started, a huge change happened, and I had mixed feelings about what was happening. On August 15, 2011, one of my relatives passed away. It is when I felt directly concerned by what was happening. I was overwhelmed by feelings of fear, anxiety, and sadness. This person’s death affected me and increased my fears, especially that he was injured and died while going to work. It was the start of economic collapse and military presence everywhere. I was in the ninth grade, and in August, I sat for the official exams and passed. I was very happy because it was my first personal achievement.

On December 1, 2012, we crossed to Jordan; I was anxious because of the displacement. During 2013, I had a persistent feeling to return to my country and finish my high school studies and go to university. I faced circumstances that prevented me from going back, and I stayed like that until 2015.

In 2015, my father got sick it affected my emotional state and my studies. I had no longer the motivation and it was reflected in my academic performance.

After I failed Tawjihi, I worked for a year at various jobs but gained no skills.

In November 2016, I enrolled in the Luminous program. I was happy to go back to my studies and meet new people. This step affected me positively and developed my personality. I finished my diploma and worked in sales.

But I felt I needed something more to improve future opportunities, so my friend and I enrolled again in Tawijihi. Another special date for me was completing my first semester in Tawjihi in August 2018.

After I succeeded in Tawjihi, I started looking forward to entering the university, but I had no chance to get any scholarships, and it was very frustrating. I took many courses and took on some small jobs to fill the emptiness.

At the start of 2020, my friend at work told me about a competition in Turkey we should apply to, and we were accepted in February. I was preparing to travel and facing some problems with my employer. Unfortunately, in March, the Corona pandemic hit, and I stayed home. I am using this time to work on my skills.