The Role of Youth’s Legal Status for Education and Employment in the Context of Protracted Displacement in Jordan and Lebanon


The report comes out of a research programme jointly run by the Centre for Lebanese Studies (CLS) and the Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP).

The programme, titled ‘From education to employment? Trajectories for young people in Lebanon and Jordan in the context of protracted displacement’, is funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC, project ref. 109043-001) and the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (Global Challenges Research Funding, project ref. ES/S004742/1).

The main question we ask is: In displacement settings, what shapes the trajectories of young people from education into employment?

In this report, we present a quantitative survey of 1442 young people in Lebanon and Jordan. We want to thank all the 1442 people who took part.

In addition, our gratitude goes to our enumerators who contributed to make this study possible.

We thank Dr Ali Fakih and Dr Walid Marrouch for assistance in developing the instruments and sampling and Dr Bill Merrifield for his systematic approach to get the work started. We also thank Dr Solava Ibrahim for her thorough feedback. Finally, we extend our gratitude to Al Jana and Lil Madina for helping to facilitate the fieldwork.